Accessibility at WTPL

Accessibility Statement

The Whitehall Township Public Library (WTPL) is committed to maintaining a website that is accessible to everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us either by phone (610-432-4339) or by email (

Standards Compliance

Structural Markup

Web pages on include six different areas:

  • A skip-to-content bar with a link that allows the user to skip down to the main content of the page,
  • A header bar that includes the main navigation,
  • A side navigation bar on the left side of the site with links to pages within the WTPL site,
  • A main content area,
  • A side navigation bar on the right side of the site with links to subscribed databases resources, and
  • A footer

When CSS (Cascading Styles Sheet) is not applied (or when using a screen reader), the six areas will read in the above order.

Additional Accessibility Features


  • All WTPL pages will print out in black and white without images to save toner and paper, and are designed for printed readability.
  • All WTPL pages printed will have full URLs displayed next to any hyperlinks.


  • All WTPL pages have a small file size and are optimized to load fast for low-bandwith users.